MeStudio Elle Squared started out as the brain child of Laura Lively. (get it L squared?)
I am in love with photography. I went to school for photography, although I never finished getting my degreebecause my first little surprise bundle of poop (joy?) decided to join us in September of 2001. My final year of college. And because at that time class was all film based and I couldn’t touch the chemicals while I was pregnant, I never finished. But I did gain a whole new Photography subject!

So here I am taking photos like a mad woman with nothing to do with them… There was just so much wall space in our home. So I googled what to do with all the photos I have been taking of my new baby and I come across scrapbooking. Imagine my surprise, here was a craft that I can do with my photos without touching chemicals and still be CREATIVE! I was in heaven! So I went out and bought a whole buncha supplies and soon I was cooking… Creating maybe a layout a week! And soon it became about collecting supplies because I couldn’t scrap with the baby out and about. (she could tear through paper like you wouldn’t believe!)

And so I thought… There has to be a better way! And by this time I am pregnant with out second little poop machine. And I had bought my first digital camera. I have taken Photoshop classes when I was still in school so I knew how to use it to make my photos better, so why not make layouts in Photoshop?? When I googled (again) I found all these
sites with freebie elements (in fact I probably still have some on our server since I tend not to delete anything…*whispers* Hoarder) And I thought hey I can make these… Um no! Not really… My first attempts were horrible! But I kept at it and practiced and then… I decided to take my show on the road so to speak and I entered DSA’s Designer Apprentice! And came in second! That gave me the courage to sell my designs. And so in 2010 LaLi Creations was born… I know really horrible design name right?

I sold my designs for a little over 2 years when my husband and I decided that I needed to get a real job. So in 2013 I stopped selling and stopped designing scrapbook stuff and started designing websites. I am still designing websites for start up corporations but now I am doing everything I love, all under one name!
Studio Elle Squared is a Portrait Studio, a web design studio and scrapbook design studio all rolled into one with some photographer’s tools thrown into the mix for good measure!