My Ikea frame photo gallery


So, my Living room is long… Like 2x the width.  I think that’s because it was supposed to be a living room/dining room combo.  But we don’t use it as a dining room.  At all… We eat in our kitchen.  But I digress.

When I finished painting this summer I knew I wanted to create a photo gallery on our focal wall opposite the TV.  So of course Google is my friend and I searched for Ikea Frame photo gallery walls and tutorials/how-to’s.  And there are a lot of them.  But the one thing that they all had in common was to lay out your photos to get them the way you want them.  (Please disregard the stained carpet I have kids and pets…)

DSC_7275I knew I wanted them all pretty close (about1.5 inches apart) so I used painters tape to block them out and used the width of the tape as the spaces.


And here it is all put together!  I love it!  I used the Ribba frames from Ikea in Black.  I tend to decorate in dark monochromatic colors.


And I hate to put holes in my walls… Its the weird perfectionist in me… I used Command picture hanging strips in the heavy duty (in black of course).  These didn’t quite fit on the frames so they hang off a bit on the inside but no one sees that. And of course I had a few mishaps where it wouldn’t stick to the frame and 2 fell off the wall. That was fun!  So I just sanded where I was going to use them and they stuck better that way.


-On the 16×20 I used 4 strips

-On the 11×14 I used 3 stips

-On the 8x10s I used 2 strips

-on the 5x7s I used 1 strip.

-and on the 3up 5×7 I used 3 strips.

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